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Company Profile

We have been in this business core since 2015 and over the period we have gained a wide range of experience in the different fields of building maintenance (Plumbing-Electrical-HVAC and cleaning) and facility management. Furthermore, in our effort to always strive for service excellence we have developed our own unique Standard Operating Procedure, which has proven effective for so many years in consistently meeting our clients’ unique needs.

We have well-trained and well-motivated employees so that we can provide our clients with the Highest Quality of service that they deserve.

Building Maintenance Works.

  • Complete Property Maintenance Management Services
  • Electro-Mechanical Services: Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry
  • Floor Maintenance & Restoration Services
  • All kinds of maintenance, renovation, and refurbishment work.


  • We recognize that painting is not an everyday occurrence for you. There is education and preparation that needs to occur to ensure your project goes smoothly and according to your expectations. We do this through a process of communication and education, so we can co-create the best possible painting experience with you.


  • We can assist all plumbing works including install and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications. We work with piping systems; install sinks, tubs, roof leaks, drainage repairs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixture in home repair or renovation.

Electrical Works:

We Carry -out a wide-range of work in the repair and general maintenance for various types of electrical works including

  • Electrical works for commercial & residential buildings
  • Cable laying & panel board works
  • Fire Alarm works.
  • Industrial & Substation works
  • Pole erection works

Carpentry and Gypsum Works:

  • Interior & exterior carpentry works.
  • Ceiling & roof framing
  • Floor & wall framing

Gypsum Works

  • Cabinet construction.
  • Door, window & furniture works.
  • Finishing carpentry works including
  • Mouldings, laminations, etc.

Air Conditioning Repairing & Servicing

We install, maintain and service Air Condition System, let us take care of your needs. We guarantee our services to be professional and of exceptional quality. Your satisfaction is our reward.

If your system is not working or cooling as efficiently as it should be, then give us a call. We can arrange to have one of our experts Technician with you, to identify and repair the fault. Our highly qualified Technicians are experienced in fault diagnosis and the repair of all major brands of air conditioning equipment.

24 Hour Emergency Service:

  • If you have any electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning emergency, know that when you can call our emergency call numbers mentioned bellow and we will respond to your emergency quickly.
  • We have fully stocked service vehicles standing by to quickly respond to your complaints and needs. 24 hours 7

Mission & Vision

We are one of the pioneers in the United Arab Emirates, thus encouraging us to work harder and achieve our aims which are mainly just in time services and utmost customer satisfaction.
We foster a caring and cohesive environment to create a dynamic and vibrant workplace. We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in services and technology to enable us to constantly develop, innovate and adapt.

Our Mission Statement:

Performance in excellence services.

Our Vision Statement:

Facilities Management leadership.

Our chief aim is customer satisfaction which will lead to employee satisfaction which will then on lead to employee satisfaction.
Our commitments towards work will never cease, we worship our work and most importantly we gain from our work, not only inner satisfaction but outer satisfaction because whatever challenges are thrown to us, we oblige and do our best to have this challenge acknowledged, gaining experience and earning perfection.
Tayir Al Manama Considerations:

  • Integrated Building Management System (BMS).
  • Energy saving.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (Maximo).
  • Oracle and Orion platform.
  • ISO 9000 certified.
  • Customer service orientation.
  • Tayir Al Manama constitution.
  • Participation in seminars in regard to management, leadership and building industry.
  • Employee Appraisal.
  • In-House an outdoor training.
  • The steering committee formed.
  • Ongoing monitoring committee formed.
  • Crisis Management team formed.
  • Morning Briefing.


Commitment towards our customer:

We offer quick, responsive and effective action with full readiness; we have a qualified, loyal and committed team executing quality and professional works. Preventive maintenance is carried out periodically and safety and security are most important to us making sure that all our systems are working in a proper condition never to fail in alerting us whenever an emergency arises.

Commitment towards our employee:

Recognition, appreciation, and encouragement are given monthly and yearly for those exceptional staff members who deserve. we respect opinions, hold and enjoy compatibility and harmonization, possess tolerance, perseverance and patience and most importantly individual needs are considered and acknowledged.

Commitment towards employer:

Consider and apply leadership qualities, honesty and loyalty is our main drive and planning is what makes us aware of what is to come making sure that cost-effectiveness and cash flow application is utilized.

Commitment towards the environment and society:

All laws are respected, pollution is always avoided, and we always present in social events, tradition, cultures, and values are respected and acknowledge is spread to share profits.


Tayir Al Manama Group offers a wide range of employment opportunities across diverse industries. We are looking to add competitive and talented individuals to join our workforce and make the difference. If you are highly motivated, goal oriented and looking for a challenging career then register yourself now and get included in our talent hunt!